Application Diagnoses Itself

How can I provide programs with self diagnostic behavior? How can I implement this in a way that has low impact on the way I write programs (or Java classes to be more specific). If programs could run such a self diagnose then perhaps it takes less time to find the cause of an observed problem.

These thoughts are sprung when I found an error in an application that went into production just a few days earlier. The problem itself was easily fixed (just a typo in some properties file) but I was a bit surprised that obviously my tests did not cover this particular execution path. Sure, I should have written more tests to have a higher coverage (JCoverage can tell me what percentage), but what if I had programmed this behavior differently(how?) such that a self diagnose run would have detected it?

So I started coding some classes and apply them to this particular application just to find out what the benefits could be and what efforts are. See project SelfDiagnose for my progress on this.

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