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The Replaceable Developer

Why you want this and how to become one TL;DR Once you are replaceable, you are free to start new initiatives, explore new technologies, solve the next complex problem which will make you happy and interested to stay at your job. Your organisation has a lower risk of discontinuity and can benefit more from your expertise. To be a replaceable developer, you need to deal with all the relevant unshared software that you have created in solitude; document knowledge about relevant processes.

Melrōse, a language to program and play music

TL;DR Melrōse is both a language and a tool to create and listen to music interactively, The language uses musical primitives (note, sequence, chord) and many functions (map, group, transpose) that can be used to create more complex patterns, loops and tracks. Melrōse uses MIDI output to produce sound by any (hard or software) device attached. Melrōse can also react on MIDI inputs to start, record and stop playing musical objects.

Introducing gmig, infrastructure as code for GCP

Infrastructure automation The Google Cloud Platform (GCP) can provide the IT infrastructure you need to run your own applications or services. In addition, the platform also provides many products and services that can be used to build your complete IT landscape. Setting up infrastructure no longer includes provisioning hardware, patching operating systems and cable wiring up network components. Instead, you now manage resources such as virtual machines, accounts, datastore, networks, enable APIs and setting permissions.

GCP Next 2016 Demo

On March 23, Q42 and Google Amsterdam organized an event to watch the keynote from the GCP Next 2016 conference held in San Fransico. As the Ubanita platform is hosted on the Google Cloud Platform, we were given the opportunity by Q42 to talk about our platform as part of a lightning talk. Ofourse, we had prepared a demo game and the audience was invited to join a simple multiplayer game.


Implementation of an XPath-like function for JSON documents to test REST api’s using forest.