Changing the browser font in VisualWorks

Today I spent some time figuring out if and how I could change to default text font of the Smalltalk browsers in VisualWorks (76nc). For years I have been using my favorite coding font Dina (Win only) in any other tool such as Eclipse. Having this font also in VisualWorks would be very pleasing.

So I browsed through the source code of Look policies, Font policies and Font descriptions to find any clues. I was prepared to hack any method for this cause. Then I stumbled upon a little tool to assign Fonts to text styles:

NamedFontSelector new open

I picked my installed Dina font from the right list and assigned it to the style “fixed”. Then I opened the Settings tool and changed the Tools::textSize to Fixed. I gently hit Apply and saw my wish come true :-)

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