renderShark - lean application server for renderSnake

I started working on this “yet-another-web-server” project for one of the most important reasons: because its fun. I got inspired for doing this after reading about the Netty framework and all the positive reviews that people write.

My requirements for this server are

  • provide a minimal MVC framework that uses renderSnake to render HTML pages
  • (distributed) Http session management using JBOSS Infinispan, a modern caching solution
  • use Netty , a well-designed fast server framework which I will use for its HTTP support
  • components are wired together using Guice, a lean dependency injection library
  • support for a minimal feature set to run Web applications
    • GET, POST
    • Redirects,Forwards
    • Sessions, Cookies
    • Error Handling (404,500,...)
  • Logging using SLF4j
  • Basic static content serving
To "eat my own dogfood", I re-implemented the renderSnake website (which is just a Java application) using the renderShark engine.

The project is hosted on googlecode.  Have a look at the example project that demonstrates all the features.

UPDATE: due to the shutdown of googlecode hosting, this project has moved to

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