Flex Remoting ignores class mapping

if your application does not yet actually use that client Class. In my application, the result of a remote invocation kept returning a dynamic Object instead of the intended ValueObject class “Slot” although I specified the mapping and the RemoteClass metadata: weborb-config.xml <classMapping> <clientClass>com.cae.planning.models.Slot</clientClass> <serverClass>Slot</serverClass> <source>Slot</source> </classMapping> [Bindable] [RemoteClass(alias="com.cae.planning.models.Slot")] public class Slot { ... } So merely including the “import com.cae.planning.models.Slot;” in my application does not instruct the compiler to actually include that Class and therefore knows about the class mapping.

Tiny, single-purpose class: ResultToFunctionAdaptor

Every now and then I need a small piece of functionality that perfectly fits into a single, minimal-behavior thus single-purpose class. This time I am developping a Adobe Flex application that uses the RemoteObject facilities. Before invoking a method on a RemoteObject, you have to add two event handlers that will be called with a ResultEvent or a FaultEvent respectively. Typically in the “onResult(event:ResultEvent)” function, one takes the result of the event and calls another function or update a view.

Sorting XMLListCollection by attribute

Just want to share the result of a small puzzle I had about sorting elements of an XMLListCollection by one of the attributes of such an element. At first, I tried sorting the elements of the XMLList I had, but the API does not provide any methods to do that. Bruce Phillips wrote a snippet that pointed me to right direction. So, here it is: var doc:XML = <root> <item name="C"/> <item name="B"/> <item name="A"/> </root> var collection:XMLListCollection = doc.