SelfDiagnose for Ruby on Rails

SelfDianogse is a library of tasks to diagnose a running system with respect to its dependent external resources. Recently, I did some Rails development and was thinking about how to implement it for the Ruby on Rails framework ? Obvious choice is to make a plugin that on installation adds the SelfDiagnoseController.rb to the application. Because of the scripting nature of Rails framework, putting the configuration in XML (as it is done for Java) is not the Ruby-way.

Deploying Flex using Capistrano

Capistrano is a deployment tool initially created to support the remote installation of Rails applications. One of the assumptions Capistrano makes is that the application (source) can be pulled out of a source code management system such as Subversion. In case of Adobe Flex applications, compiled sources (SWF,HTML,…) need to be deployed to the Web server. So instead of pulling sources from a repository, I needed to push compiled code to the server.