SelfDiagnose for Ruby on Rails

SelfDianogse is a library of tasks to diagnose a running system with respect to its dependent external resources. Recently, I did some Rails development and was thinking about how to implement it for the Ruby on Rails framework ? Obvious choice is to make a plugin that on installation adds the SelfDiagnoseController.rb to the application. Because of the scripting nature of Rails framework, putting the configuration in XML (as it is done for Java) is not the Ruby-way.

Flex Project version and buildnumber

I wanted to associate version and build information with every compilation of a Flex project. Such information is useful when deploying to different staging environments (e.g. are you sure you uploaded the correct SWF ?) and helps tracking feedback (e.g. bugs) from users using a particular build. First, I added a simple resource version.xml to store version and build info: <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?/> <version name='0.1' build='124'/> Then I defined a component Version.