GCP Next 2016 Demo

On March 23, Q42 and Google Amsterdam organized an event to watch the keynote from the GCP Next 2016 conference held in San Fransico. As the Ubanita platform is hosted on the Google Cloud Platform, we were given the opportunity by Q42 to talk about our platform as part of a lightning talk. Ofourse, we had prepared a demo game and the audience was invited to join a simple multiplayer game.

Kimtato, a simple physics playground

Kimtato is the name of a simple interactive demo that runs on the Ubanita platform. It is a playground of physical objects which are created by players using touch gestures on the controller. Once created, the objects can be pushed around using the two-finger gesture, we call edge input mode. (EM: 2020-05-12: somehow this movie got taken down; don't know why) The following will discuss the making of this demo using the Ubanita Script API.