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Testing your REST api in Go with forest

Go package forest was created to simplify the code needed to write real tests of a REST api. Such tests need to setup Http Requests, send them and inspect Http Responses. The Go standard library has all that is needed to achieve this flow but the required amount of code, especially the error handling, makes tests harder to read and longer to write. Testing github Let’s create a few tests that examine the response of the public github API call.

Artreyu, an artifact assembly tool

Artreyu is an open-source command line tool for software build pipelines that need to create artifacts which are composed of multiple versioned build parts. The design of this tool is inspired by the Apache Maven project which provides assembly support for Java projects. I created Artreyu to support a project that delivers compositions of many non-Java artifacts of which some are operating system dependent. Artreyu works with a repository to archive, fetch and assemble artifacts.