The site gives access to the sources of open-source Smalltalk libraries and frameworks. A big advantage to developers is that they can explore Smalltalk classes without having to successfully load them into one of the Smalltalk dialect platforms. Recently, I have changed much of the Smalltalk generator and HTML/Javascript generated code.

Formerly, all Smalltalk source was highlighted using a client-side Javascript library. This resulted in long page loading times because it had to iterate through all DOM elements and replace the HTML content by a post-processing (using regex) result. Current version of Soek uses a highlighter written in Smalltalk that can pre-process all class source files. is now a complete static site and each project has its own stylesheet and javascript additions. This results in faster load times and better flexibility in adding new features to new exported versions of Smalltalk libraries.

Because the Soek project is implemented in VisualWorks, the first projects were exports of loaded bundles and packages from the Public Store. With the help of the Monticello VW package, it is now possible to add projects from any Monticello repository out there. The process of adding a new library is almost completely automated and uses Cloudfork for storing metadata in Amazon SimpleDB and uploading the site contributions to Amazon S3.

In the next weeks, I would like to update the existing projects listed at to newer versions. As stated on the site, I welcome suggestions to add other projects (or versions).

Recent additions:

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