HypertextLogger for server application logs

Logging can be very helpful in analyzing the (faulty) behavior of a server application in response to client requests. HypertextLogger is a simple component that produces HTML in response to logging instructions. Its main purpose it to provide a better readable log file. By choosing you favorite CSS, you can highlight what is important and leave other information unfocused (timestamps). missing image /2009/06/hypertextlogger.png Upon creation of the logger, it produces a new .

Application Diagnoses Itself

How can I provide programs with self diagnostic behavior? How can I implement this in a way that has low impact on the way I write programs (or Java classes to be more specific). If programs could run such a self diagnose then perhaps it takes less time to find the cause of an observed problem. These thoughts are sprung when I found an error in an application that went into production just a few days earlier.