rendersnake, a showcase for renderSnake

For the past month, I have been working on a new iPad Web application that recently was launched at This application provides easy access to the complete product catalog of the Dutch online webshop Because it is targeted to owners of tablet devices such as the Apple iPad, I decided to embrace the upcoming JQuery Mobile framework (JQM), an open-source Javascript library that provides an unified UI to various mobile devices.

Using renderSnake to build the presentation layer in Spring-MVC

renderSnake is a open-source library for creating components that produce HTML using only Java. By defining Java classes for HTML components and pages you can exploit all the language features (e.g. inheritance, composition, type-checking) and IDE tooling (e.g. refactoring, unit-testing, references search, debugging,…). In addition, renderSnake is designed to produce compact HTML in an memory efficient way. The "V" in MVC Basically, renderSnake is responsible for the presentation layer of a Web application.