soek.goodies.st - exploring open-source Smalltalk libraries

Soek is a Smalltalk application that provides a different way to navigate through documentation and source code of a Smalltalk library. Instead of the classic multi-list browser view in an image, Soek offers a flat view on all methods and classes and is build using the Seaside Web framework. I discovered this way of publishing a framework when I worked with Rails and did most of my searches on Railsbrain.com. Not only I could easily find a particular class or method, it also showed me similar methods, other implementations, classes and their sources.

Making a package visible to WebVelocity

If you want an existing package to register as a WebVelocity one and as a result make it visible to the browser page, you can evaluate this script: sourcecode lang=“ruby” propertyAt: #application put: true; propertyAt: #namespace put: ‘Your-Namespace’; propertyAt: #velocityThemeName put: ‘Default’. which I found when looking for the newApplication functionality in the image.