renderShark - lean application server for renderSnake

I started working on this “yet-another-web-server” project for one of the most important reasons: because its fun. I got inspired for doing this after reading about the Netty framework and all the positive reviews that people write. My requirements for this server are provide a minimal MVC framework that uses renderSnake to render HTML pages (distributed) Http session management using JBOSS Infinispan, a modern caching solution use Netty , a well-designed fast server framework which I will use for its HTTP support components are wired together using Guice, a lean dependency injection library support for a minimal feature set to run Web applications GET, POST Redirects,Forwards Sessions, Cookies Error Handling (404,500,.

Getting from HTML design to renderSnake components

rendersnake is a Java library for creating components and pages that produce HTML using only Java. Its purpose is to support the creation of Web applications that are better maintainable, allows for easier reuse, have testable UI components and produces compact HTML in an efficient way. This blog post explains how to start from a carefully designed rich HTML page and create new or use the components available in the library.