visualworks improved

The site gives access to the sources of open-source Smalltalk libraries and frameworks. A big advantage to developers is that they can explore Smalltalk classes without having to successfully load them into one of the Smalltalk dialect platforms. Recently, I have changed much of the Smalltalk generator and HTML/Javascript generated code. Formerly, all Smalltalk source was highlighted using a client-side Javascript library. This resulted in long page loading times because it had to iterate through all DOM elements and replace the HTML content by a post-processing (using regex) result.

Getting started with Glare-DataServices

Glare-DataServices is a framework for building Flex Remoting services in VisualWorks Smalltalk. In this post, I will guide you through the steps for creating a small application that demonstrates the use of the framework. Install the bundle First, you have to connect to the Cincom Public Store Repository. Then open the list of Published Items and load the bundle GlareDataServices. It includes the Glare bundle and Glare-DataServices packages. The required dependencies AT MetaNumerics and Opentalk are automatically loaded if not present.

Getting Monticello package changes into VisualWorks

The Cloudfork project is available for the three larger Smalltalk implementations: Squeak/Pharo, VA Smalltalk and VisualWorks. For maintaining the ports based on the Squeak implementation, we use the Package-Exporters package. For porting to VA Smalltalk, we are using the VAPackageExporter as explained by Adriaan van Os. One important feature is the ability to maintain the port based on the changes to a project rather than repeating the all-in-one export. For maintaining the VisualWorks port of Cloudfork, I extended the Package-Exporters project with a VWPatchExporter that can be used to export changes in the VisualWorks XML format.